Services & Installation


Sign permits are typically required for ALL outdoor signs.

  • Sign Permit process
    • Zoning application
      • The zoning department from your city or township determines the maximum area / size for your sign including any setbacks required from the right of way.  Each city or township will have different requirements for the zoning ordinance.
    • Building application / permits
      • The building department from your city, county, or state examines the required building plan and site plan to check if the installation method, material & structures complies with the OBC (Ohio Building Code) as well as the NEC (National Electric Code).
    • Electric permit application (For lighted signs)
      • Depends on the local jurisdictions, contracted electric inspection company may oversee the electric portion of the permit separately.  Typically, it requires additional electric permit and separate inspection fee.
    • Final inspection
      • Depending on how the local jurisdiction zoning & building departments are set up, final inspections are scheduled by each department to check the size requirements, building compliance, and electrical compliance for lighted electric signs.
  • What we can do
    • Site survey to get measurements of the building, location of the sign, setbacks
    • Check with zoning department to calculate the maximum allowed sign size allowed
    • Design the sign spec sheet with scaled drawing, elevation, mounting option, site plan layout
    • Fill necessary applications including property owner / tenant information & signatures
    • Drop off and pick up approved permits
    • Schedule final inspections and meet with the inspectors when required
Depending on your local jurisdiction, temporary permits may be required for special message signs such as banners and yard signs.  The fees and requirements vary from each jurisdictions, but typically the temporary signs are allowed for short duration and/or allowed limited number of times per calendar year.


    • No job is too small for us. 
    • We are dedicated to do what we say and show up on time.
    • Courteous and professional on job site.
    • Clean up any debris or trash that was part of the installation.